Political conflict in Iraq amid a judicial paralysis and "the patience of a government"
Date of publication: 26.09.2015 | 15:20 GMT

Unfolding day after day cryptic clues conflict in Iraq was produced by the recent protest demonstrations against the corruption of the state apparatus movement, it reflected this conflict between religious authorities and leaders of the militias are active on the ground.

Amid the absence of eye-demonstrators in the last Friday of September / September 2015 on Tahrir Square in central Baghdad and other cities, the face of the religious authority, Ali al-Sistani, a warning to armed militias include people who are opposed to reforms and betting on a decline in the claims. Sistani stressed that the need to reform and if the manifestations eased claim these days they will return at another time stronger and wider.

The warning came a day after a different statement to Qais al-Khazali, a leader of the League of the Righteous in a speech after Eid prayers in Najaf, he said that the demonstrations taking place in Iraq weeks ago, reached a moribund stage.

This warning and warning anti comes to prove that the popular movement against terrorism and corruption, and that the number of protesters dropped in the last period of this month after a big momentum since the end of July last, reveals a sharp peaked between two parties fighting over the fate of the popular movement struggle.

This conflict has put a reference Sistani and the government of al-Abadi in a valley supporter of motionless while pushing elements of armed militias to Wade shows him. He revealed an informed source in the Iraqi Defense Ministry for a meeting was finally between Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, and a number of clergy and religious leaders in Najaf and Karbala, in an effort to limit the influence of armed militias in the capital Baghdad and other provinces.

He said a member of the Alliance of Iraqi strongman Omar Shaker to create an armed militia came a religious fatwa, and can not be terminated except through a religious edict, and perhaps the last reference position comes in response to these requests.

He warned Shakir of the worsening security crisis in Baghdad and the southern provinces problems, after the withdrawal of armed elements from the battlefields, and her return to the cities, calling for state institutions to take measures limiting the potential hazards of this withdrawal, and supported by the officer in the province of Basra police, who asked not to be named, he said The weeks following the return of elements of armed militias has seen a marked increase in the case of loose security.

And that the gunmen in the province behind the organized crime gangs. He warned the lawyer Fadel al-Sadoun of the growing threat of the elements of the armed militias, which he said has become more powerful than the state, calling the talk about the lack of knowledge of the local authorities of the flash points of superstition.

For his part, the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui announced that he will meet with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to demand the return of emergency regiments that have been withdrawn from the province to fight in hot areas. Events and stresses that recently saw the targeting of actors in the demonstrations operations since the beginning of last August ranged from murder and threatened by unidentified armed elements.

It is noteworthy that the first of these operations was in Basra, as unidentified gunmen attacked the tents of protesters in the province, and they demolished and the attack on the inside .. He said one of the organizers of the sit-in at the time, and called Jaber return, the elements of an armed group attacked the sit-in, and assaulted the demonstrators with beatings and insults and verbal abuse , before you break the sit-in tents.

Activist of the people of Baghdad and said that the number of victims who have been targeted by militants for assassination has reached the 12 activists, including: Khaled Hussein Ugaili Hilfi, Majid Saad in Baghdad who are activists in the popular movement. The killing of another activist in Babylon named Haider al-Alwani .. In Basra field activist most prominent militants killed in the demonstrations Sabih Akarmha, in addition to Haitham al-Rikabi, Walid al-Tai in each of Kut, Nasiriyah, as well as two of the activists, one of them hit his wife in an attack on their home in the Zafaraniya area southeast Baghdad.

The latest kidnapping are civil activist Jalal lipodeca in the capital Baghdad, as a security source in the September 23 / September last reported that unidentified gunmen traveling in three cars stormed into a restaurant in north Baghdad's Waziriya district and abducted civil rights activist Jalal lipodeca which is a participant in the organization of demonstrations in capital within the last two months ..

This explained Jan Kubis the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, that "in light of reports that assault unknown entities on the demonstrators, journalists and intimidated and threatened with death, the Iraqi security forces to address these unknown entities in accordance with the law as it should on the Iraqi authorities to prosecute those who try to demonstrations symbols peaceful derail or prevent journalists from doing their job. "

Night and continues this political struggle that takes different forms between the two sides amid judicial and government paralysis patience, will result in night this conflict dawn will win the civil movement on the will of members of the armed militias? Let him answer the question of what the outcome of the coming weeks.

Omar Abdul Sattar