Parliamentary Economy: We are planning to raise pensions in the private and mixed sector

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) -
said the economic and investment commission in Parliament, on Saturday, it is because of the wrong policies of the previous governments has been appointed large numbers of employees in government institutions of non-specialists, pointing out that the Commission plans to raise pensions in the sector private and mixed for the purpose of the transfer of part of the staff in government institutions to the sector.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee Harith Sinead told (IMN) "Through the amendments made to the Investment Law and Economics Committee plans because there is no guarantee for workers in the private sector and mixed and to have the salaries of pension greater than the pensions that their disposal government for its employees."

Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed in a parliamentary session Alsabakhan Unified Retirement Law provides for a financial discount rate of large salaries for retirees to be added to the small salaries of retirees until they are equal pensions.

He continued that "government institutions suffer from large numbers of staff due to the wrong policies that have worked by previous governments."

He pointed out that "the Commission encourages the transition from working in government institutions to private and mixed sector through new investment law".

The Ministry of Finance announced the formation of a committee to prepare a new unified law for pensions includes public and private sectors.