Work completed the national plan for operation based public and private sectors

Section: Business & Finance Published on: Today, 14:49 09-26-2015

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Saturday, for the completion of the national plan for the operational strategy to be adopted in coordination with the public and private sectors, in the process of developing plans to reduce child labor.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem in a statement received "Sky Press," that "the goal of the development of this strategy is to support the Ministry's capabilities and social partners including work on the provision of employment services across the country and thus improve staff efficiency by adopting operating services such as programs and activities."
"The objectives of the strategy also includes, support the ministry for the creation of jobs included programs of micro-credit programs, as well as improve the performance of the labor market and organize the work of employment offices civil and private and supervising the work according to the controls, and the organization and modernization of labor market information, as well as building national observatories to monitor market variables work and an electronic system of Labor Statistics. "
The Iraqi government complained that 40 billion states go to the operating budget annually and given the salaries of government employees in the sagging clear and noticeable in the state and its institutions that specialize full throttle circles to the collapse of the private sector in the country after 2003.