Iraq looking with Romania, Spain and the establishment of a special court to curb terrorism

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari - currently on a visit to New York - with his Romanian counterpart Bogdan Aworisko, the establishment of a special court to curb terrorism.
According to a Foreign Ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "al-Jaafari met with Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aworisko in New York on the sidelines of meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations During the meeting, they discussed bilateral relations between the two countries, and ways to upgrade them to meet the ambitious the two friendly countries and discuss political developments, and security in the region and the world. "
"The two sides exchanged call for an official visit from both countries to strengthen relations, and the proposal has been discussed Romania and Spain, the establishment of a special court to curb terrorism based on international law and the adoption of a proposal to criminalize Iraq takfiri thought the law."
The statement quoted al-Jaafari said that "Iraq is looking forward to establish better relations with Romania are based on common interests and face common dangers," calling to "raise incomes for passports between the two countries and the strengthening of diplomatic relations between the two countries as a window that move all file attributes."
He added that "terrorism has become a global threat," asserting that "Iraq today locked in a war against the terrorist gangs that Daash elements came from more than 80 countries, which means that Iraq defends the authenticity of himself, and on behalf of the whole world."
He said al-Jaafari "country in the world there is no safe from terrorism, and that the world today is threatened by the danger of Daash, and the targeting of Canada, and France, and many other countries, but clear evidence that the threat of terrorism threatens everyone," pointing out that "the world should be aware of this is the truth".