Infiltrators from 3 Daash burning oil wells in eastern Tikrit field Ajil

Salahuddin - Iraq Press -25 September / September: An official source at the police headquarters in Salahuddin province of Iraq, Friday, for the organization of infiltrators "Daash" burn three oil wells east of Tikrit.

The source said that opportunistic elements trod mountain roads and paths where the rugged military units and no more than five kilometers Hamrin Mountains and burned the three wells, which are located within Ajil oil field (35 km east of Tikrit), a non-productive wells.

He added, asking not to be identified, that the fire caused black smoke and flames in the sky, stressing that the elements of the "Daash" managed to escape after the burning wells.

And still the fire eat up 8 other wells in the oil field south of Alas Ajil field has not been extinguished because it is located in the land between the Daash combined forces .