Oil climbs 1% after data on the decline in stocks

Oil prices went up about 1 percent, on Friday, supported by a decline in stocks in the futures delivery shipments for US crude in Cushing Center, although the gains recorded a sharp fall in stock prices on Wall Street.

According to the agency "Reuters", Zhinskab specialized in energy markets information company estimated that 625 thousand barrels pulled from stocks in Cushing, Oklahoma a week until September 22.

And paid Zhinskab -alta estimates come after a report from the US Energy Information Administration showed a decline of 462 000 barrels in inventories in Cushing week Almadi- International benchmark Brent and US crude prices both to rise, but strong sales in the stock markets trimmed oil gains.

US crude ended the decades to the nearest trading session 43 cents higher, or about 1 percent to maturity are recorded at the settlement of $ 44.91 a barrel, and Brent climbed 42 cents, or 0.9 per cent to settle at 48.17 dollars a barrel.

And low oil prices by more than 25 percent from their levels at the beginning of the third quarter of the year, US crude fell 4 percent in the first session on Wednesday alone after the Energy Information Administration announced a significant increase in gasoline stocks in the United States.

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