Jaafari called on States to fulfill their pledges to support Iraq against terrorism before it's too late

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, countries that have pledged support for Iraq in the face of Daash to fulfill its obligations "before it is too late."
Jaafari said, in a press statement, we call on the world to increase support for Iraq to enable it to address the gangs Daash that are spread in more than 90 countries. "
He added that "Iraq calls upon these countries to live up to the challenges the truth, and that the most important Daash," asserting that "Daash poses a challenge to the entire world, not just Iraq.
Jaafari pointed out that "Iraq take the lead in defending himself, and the countries of the world, which now need to share the truth of those countries," calling on countries that have not fulfilled the pledges they made in the past that "do it before it's too late."