Germany will provide 670 euros per month for each refugee from next year
Wrote: September 25, 2015 At: Arab And International

It revealed that German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the aid program will be submitted to the governments of the German states, including the amount of 670 euros per month offers each refugee from next year.

.. European Union economic and political steps towards the Syrian crisis

Under the aid program, which revealed in a statement to the federal government the evening of Thursday, September 24 / September, after Merkel's meeting with heads of state, at the chancellery in Berlin, provides for aid worth 500 million euros to secure the refugee housing and 350 euros aid for those who do not breadwinner him who ages under 18 years old.

And providing assistance from the federal government to provide refugee history of the asylum application, and continue until the end of the resort, and it is estimated that Germany will receive until the end of this year, 800 thousand refugees.