Reference Sistani warn opponents of the reforms that it will return stronger and wider

Writings Friday, 25 September 2015

Called reference Mr. Ali Sistani, the Shiite cleric in Iraq, to ​​sustain the momentum achieved victories on the battlefield with Daash renewed its call for the fight against financial and administrative corruption ominous escalation of the roof of the claims and called for finding solutions to avoid the effects of falling oil prices.
He warned representative reference Sheikh Mehdi Karbalai in a Friday prayer sermon la carte Husseini in the holy city of Karbala defiant to reform and'alemrahennen 'that the student do not be afraid that the claims will be stronger and broader, stressing the need to implement reforms in government departments all, as the government called for renewed consideration of policy Finance.
He added that the battle with Daash still represent a major priority for all Iraqis, because the results directly affect the present and shaping their future, here it has to be of interest to perpetuate the momentum of victories achieved during the past period and to maintain the numerical and moral balance of the fighters in the armed forces and supported by volunteers '.
He added: 'that Iraq today faces challenges at the levels of various financial Kalozmh and corruption, but all this must does not constitute any justification for the decline in the battle against Daash', noting: 'The coordination and cooperation between the leaders of combat troops in various titles is one of the important foundations of this success battle, and we have to intuit and everyone works in the light of this, stressing that this battle is a battle of national and fateful and success which is a success for all and that any breakage to allow God will deliver Ptavath and its implications for all present and future '.
And: 'to sustain the support and backing of the fighters of weapons, equipment and logistical support or guarantee of martyrs and treat the wounded ordered carries great significance in these circumstances, and we hope that the various government agencies to harness the potential available for the war effort and to provide assistance to our children on the battlefield, and we hope that all citizens should contribute to moral and material support to those dearest, and that of the blessed them with plenty of money the initiative under the auspices of the families of the fighters and the families of martyrs and pledge to treat the wounded ease the burden placed on the mantle. "
He Karbalai: 'We talked about the urgent need to reform and how important it is to speed up the fight against corruption in various state institutions and the responsibility of the authorities of the three to do so, and point out today that the need for economic and administrative reform may become more apparent in light of the sharp decline in oil prices, experts predicted not to rise in the coming years, leading to increased pressure on the Iraqi economy and warn of the consequences of undesirable for the country and must in light of these expectations of a review of the fiscal policies of the government, and that the experts find solutions protect against the Iraqi people are conditions more difficult than the status quo, but it is certain that it will not benefit State unless the reform of government organizations and anti-corruption solutions'.
He said: 'The reform partly linked to some and can not differentiate between state institutions in the reform process, but has to be carried out in all judicially and legislatively and administratively, and warned of mind reform and betting the cease claims by saying that the reform is a need to Amehas them, and if you are afraid appearances claim These days, it will return in the last time the strongest and the much broader and lattes while Mendm '.