We will destroy our country with our own hands

Must know dear all our citizens and also traded in the media on Treasury bonds loan from three international banks (Deutsche Bank, Citigroup and JP Morgan) by six billion dollars at an interest rate 10.37% per annum up to the year 2028. The big risk in this loan he will go within the budget already suffering from a clear operating budget to cover any shortage that this amount will pay Kmaachat will go in vain without the payoff. The second risk is impossible to increase oil prices to previous levels as the near impossibility to reach the price of oil more than $ eighty per barrel because of shale oil production for the foreseeable future big possibility is the descent of oil to $ thirty levels or even lower over the next year due to an increase Iranian production during the year 2016.

No secret to anyone that I Atmzk when I find that those responsible for the economic file make decisions will make the country's economy is collapsing without taking deliberate steps to save the country from collapse. Next year will see a significant reduction in the cash reserve and we will have to reduce the dinar or rather the collapse of the dinar, unfortunately there is no one listens to what arises from economic solutions. Robberies, the central bank is still going on in full swing The difference between the price offered in 1190 to the dollar and the selling price in 1223 of any Thirty-three points, meaning there are 2.8 cents per dollar and the central bank a month now to sell $ 3.8 billion more than half of this amount is sold in the markets, theft and clear to the citizen any annually and this year will steal more than $ 600 million from the citizen, that this category soaked in the euphoria of what achieve profits and trying to patch up the situation by borrowing without thinking about the results and if I were their say (to go the country to hell as long as we achieve these profits that do not dreamed of).

Unfortunately there understands more dear citizens, these figures do not understand the impact of these destructive policies, but they will suffer the suffering is unprecedented after a few years while sinking the country into debt and the benefits of the debt and the collapse of the dinar will come political class no matter how sincere you'll find themselves unable to save the country economically as well as security problems and the problem Daash.

Must bear the politicians Almtsdon today their responsibility before God and before the community to stop such destructive actions must be good reference assume their responsibility to save the country and future generations what awaits them from the economic future frighteningly large and the destruction of the country and increase the doubling of the suffering of the citizens after a few years because of these false and non-policies well thought out

* And the former Minister of Communications