Maliki attacked Saudi Arabia for Mona incident and calls for the withdrawal of the pilgrimage, including administration

Attacked the leader of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, Saudi Arabia Hajj because of repeated incidents and the death of hundreds of pilgrims.
Maliki said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "followed severe pain catastrophe and the death of hundreds of visitors to the House of God this morning while carrying out their rituals of the stoning ritual in Mina, just days after the disaster, the fall of the lever on the pilgrims in the Holy Mosque in Mecca and claimed dozens of lives as well. " He added that "the recurrence of incidents during the Hajj season and the death of large numbers of pilgrims is definite proof of a lack of efficiency of the supervisors of the organization of the pilgrimage season, and calls for the development of pilgrimage affairs under the planning and management of the Organization of the Islamic Conference to ensure the smooth conduct of the rituals of Hajj." Maliki also called "grant the right for all Muslims to perform this duty away from the political positions as well as the responsibility for maintaining the souls of pilgrims and not to repeat what happened get through this season and previous seasons."

He said, that: the abuse of the land of the rulers of Najd and Hejaz obligation of Hajj on the basis of political dimensions and the imposition of depriving the performance of this duty to nationals of countries that intersect politically with sanctions is another proof that the pilgrimage management and officials is adults and have arrogantly and are not qualified to oversee the management of such Islamic occasions great , so we demand an urgent investigation to find out all the facts, and to hold accountable all those responsible, to prevent a repeat of these disasters completely. "
He concluded his speech by saying Maliki "We attribute Taking families of the victims and pray to the Almighty to bless the wounded a speedy recovery, God May the victims rest in peace extensive and carefree their families patience and fortitude."

The incident stampede of pilgrims in Mina today has resulted in the latest toll of victims to the death of 717 pilgrims and injuring 863 others, in the longer disaster is the worst for the pilgrimage seasons in 25 years.
And announced that the Iraqi Hajj Mission for Iraqi pilgrims injury and loss of 5 Pilgrims others not yet known whether the cause of the loss is the result of a stampede that took place today in Mina or they did not attend after Bakualhm.

Security spokesman for the Saudi Interior Ministry Maj. Gen. Mansour al-Turki said that "the stampede occurred as a result of the movement of pilgrims coming from different directions opposed to what led to the loss Tdafhm and a number of them."
The Turkish Brigade that high temperature and fatigue that it was the pilgrims as a result of the effort they put into the previous phase after standing on Mount Arafat and also Nafrah from Arafat to Muzdalifah and enter Mona in the morning contributed to the fall of the number of pilgrims ", stressing that" the nature of Mina can not changed to avoid the crowd, explaining that this hairy him legitimacy of borders can not be addressed pilgrims crowding the Bbassath.