Parliamentary Finance: government went to wait to apply sales tax

Author: Publisher on:September 24, 2015

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - the parliamentary finance committee confirmed the existence of a government directed to wait to apply the increase of sales tax imposed on imported goods from outside the country, most notably the tax imposed on the importation of cars by 15%.

He declined dozens of Iraqi traders enter their goods over the past weeks to ports in Basra province, especially cars and cement, after the sales tax increase, according to a decision issued by the Ministry of Finance recently.

He said committee member Abdul-Jabbar creator's (IMN) "The ratios issued by the Ministry of Finance to increase the sales tax is provided for in the federal budget for the current year law clause", noting that "objection to the application of the increase by Iraqi traders arrived to the government and there is a tendency wait for the government to apply the increase. "

Creator and added that "the trend to wait to enforce the law comes in the absence of the application of the sales tax increase in the Kurdistan region of outlets, and the Iraqis who will pay traders and suppliers to go their goods to ports instead of the Kurdistan region of southern ports."

For his part, Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Adviser to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh (IMN) that "the federal budget for the 2015 law its article 33 to impose increases in taxes on mobile phones, and import cars, drinks," noting that "the application of the increase is to implement the terms of the budget."

Saleh pointed out that "traders or importer of the goods, which included an increase in taxes is a broker, and the additional costs will be borne by the citizen and not the merchant."

And about the possibility to postpone the application of taxes on cars and other goods increases said Mohammed Saleh not to "possession of certain information concerning the application of the decision to wait."

Dozens of Iraqi traders in the province of Basra over the past few days, in protest against raising the sales tax rate on imported goods, and not covered by the resolution of all border crossing points in Iraq.

The Council of Ministers decided on the second of June, met the approval of the customs tariff in all border crossing points, without exception, as well as taxes, including sales tax on Kartat mobilize the mobile phone and the purchase of cars of all kinds pursuant to the provisions of Article 33 of the General Budget Law.