Hakim stresses the need to communicate with the political forces in the reforms and the creation of a genuine partnership

[Baghdad - where] head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim, stressed the need for the prime minister Haider al-Abadi continue with reforms in the political forces in order to create a real partnership. Hakim said in a sermon Eid prayer, which was held at his office in Baghdad today, that "Iraq is an important and sensitive of this vital region of the world, part, and all the countries in the region suffer from major crises and conflicts are open, unfortunately, Iraq has become a gateway to these conflicts and the focus of these crises," he said. " We have worked a great conviction to be our bridge to meet and a conduit for regional and international relations of sound, but regional and international wills conflict was much bigger than our energies Limited and wish our people deprived to live in freedom and peace.

"He added that" the country is fighting today for the liberation of the provinces dear to us from the hand atonement and terrorism, extremism and we thought a pervert, and we do not fight faction terrorist specific or deviant group here or there, but we fight the roots of historical deviation and contemporary ramifications, we fight those who do not believe in a decent free life which God gave us and twist the word of God and distort his message and provide a great service to the enemies of God and Islam and humanity .

"He explained," We know it's a long and fierce battle and we must prepare them as we can of power, including alliances, although what Christsmha in the end is trust in God and strong wills insured, "noting:" In the midst of this existential battle with terrorism takfirist Aldaasha, we are fighting a battle another painful and dangerous, a battle of reform against deviation and the Battle of integrity against corruption and the Battle of state and institution building against the constructive approach of people and selves.

"and the wise" We are today if we want to turn to look back to assess and objectively march 12 years in all sweetness and bitterness and all the failures and achievements that we can judge and easily that There are a lot of great opportunities lost with deep regret it was possible to invest to build a better life for the Iraqi people and build stronger institutions of the Iraqi state, but preoccupation with the political forces conflict factional and narrow partisan and allow foreign interventions Daaa great opportunities to our country and our people, it is difficult to compensate. "He said:" Today We have a government that seeks to produce a vision for the state project, and have the will to build a state, we need all of us support and assistance because the reality is difficult and complicated and can not be repaired the day and night, but at the same time the government must help themselves first and to be clear and explicit and transparent with the forces of good in this country, which believes helping them and providing Alguetaouat necessary, "pointing out that" the foremost authority which paint a compass in the midst of these successive storms and waves made ​​a lot of support and backing and the government should invest this support in the creation of genuine partnerships for the starting root reforms mission. "

He pointed out that" Iraq's large and reality intertwined and can not any point whatever that led individually, nor anyone can whatever he got him to safety, and this world experiences in front of us and all of them prove to us that the real effective participation is the basis of success and individual and playoffs are the cause of the failure and the basis scourge ", stressing that "we will stay supportive and strongly to this government as long as the insured the project to build state institutions, and here I say quite frankly that we are against the building of the foundation process, not the process of development and rebuilding, and therefore must be integrated building process."

He called on the President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi that "be more patient at his brothers and invite him to be more aggressive in an effective radical reforms, and to be more connected to explain its policies and illustrates the steps and explain his vision and program of work," explaining that "communication is the basis for the creation of a common understanding, with appreciation for the challenges we face all in various security, economic, administrative and political fields."

With regard to the demonstrations al-Hakim said that" most of our provinces witnessed protest demonstrations legitimacy expressed frustration with the service conditions in the whole of Iraq and intersections and political disputes that disrupted a lot of the energies of this country, and the demonstrations spontaneous mass honest, has we supported and participated our fans in some of them, but it is interesting that there are hidden hands different wanted to Tajir these protests and political interests narrow and use them in the liquidation of its opponents, "noting that" some want to draw the protests against the Islamic movement in particular and the harm it and upload it tax all the failures and setbacks and crises Iraq hit since the founding of the modern Iraqi state and to undermine the Islamic symbols, "the Fall" has endured it in the beginning because we know that our people aware that these practices will not fool him and he will find out sooner or later those who stand behind them and the intentions and backgrounds of promoted and targets hiding behind her . "

He noted that" the modern Iraqi state was established since nearly 100 years was not the Islamic movement in any phase of it in power, except for the last ten years, has suffered from internal and external wars and coups sequence, and in the last decade was the Islamic movement part of the process political variety did not exceed their presence in which half the members of the problem governments, yet they bear the responsibility for not providing adequate models of empowered leading figures in the state administration and put the right plans. "

He continued," also bear responsibility in they fail to agree on a common project to build a state, and bear responsibility in Do not create political institutions within their parties and their movements capable of producing versed political generation of power tools and the Department of State, "adding," with our recognition of all this, they can not afford on their own failures and failure, there are political forces of the far right to the far left participated in the successive governments and there are international forces The regional was active and present in the Iraqi arena and had to enter and their desires intersecting a large share of access to cases of failure and failure. "President of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council said that" we have to put points on the characters and do not allow the exploitation of foil people in order to download the full responsibility of the stream made ​​a lot sacrifices and has a history filled with testimony and of giving, that our people informed and aware of all the attempts miscarriage malevolent will not be deterred from defending his options belief and faith Pityarath sincere Mujahid. "

Addressing the wise young people, saying:" I am well aware of the frustration in the possession of one another factors, and I understand You feel that the spaces of hope is narrowing before you, was the decision of one another migration and leave the home is the only way to express Ahbatkm and supplementing, and even your brethren who remained at home, Hamas, many of whom had eased and the rush has declined, "adding that" this Iraq Arackm, and this wealth your wealth, and this land is your land, and in the future you no matter what was present difficult, the current crises are the crises wins and progress, not crises decline and collapse, crises move from a historical all the bases and premises stage to a completely new phase, the phase experienced by the nations living such circumstances .. crises in all national, regional and international dimensions. "

"The great successes have been achieved have not been able to deal with it and we invest must also bounced on us and on the country as a whole, so it is necessary to proceed with the reform and review and unify ranks and sow hope, Vtmeskua Botunkm and work on your project and made ​​for yourselves, because tomorrow you willing wills and dad from my father, nor allow frustrated yourselves be discouraged, and clung to hope and the homeland, and know that you are on the edge of victory, there is no Ttrajawa at the last minute. "

Turning wise to the economic situation experienced by Iraq, noting that" our country is going through a severe financial crisis and needs to be action and reforms serious and radical, comprehensive and balanced, constitutional and collective, and also in such a crisis, countries utilize the best of its men and their experiences in order to get out of the country from this critical juncture which requires emphasized in the present time, and we have to bluntly of our people, and tell him that this crisis is not an emergency and that they may continue for several years to come, and the government should draw up a program economically deliberate and find ways to address the economic paralysis that currently experienced by Iraq. "

He said," I've missed a great opportunity because we did not invest in financial abundance in the past years and will write history that Iraq missed an opportunity hard to repeat, and the day before the government's challenge of developing a large and real and effective strategic plan in order to get Iraq out of the bottleneck. "and on regional relations, al-Hakim that" Iraq said in the heart of a dynamic and efficient region in the world and we've worked hard to banish Iraq axes conflict, which is at the beginning of the new inception, but international and regional wills was the biggest of our energies Co., Ltd., today see that the conflicts in the region reached the highest degrees of escalating and that the states whole became distressed and disjointed states and there are military and political alliances formed and entered into direct and indirect conflicts as the international interventions patterns became permissible in our region, and that the millions of displaced people and displaced wander out in the cold between the countries. "

He said "our firm conviction is that these conflicts do not come out victorious because they destroy everything and even those who have the illusion that they are winning which are in fact pretend themselves hold such victories," stressing that "the fundamental solution to all the region's problems is the agreement between the regional actors for the thorny and interrelated files liquidation , that dialogue is the key to resolve the President no matter what the intransigence of some or insisted on military solutions, because the problems of the region politically pure, and political problems can not be solved militarily, but solved through dialogue and negotiations and the policy of profit for all. "

He noted that" the region will continue to bleed and the wealth of resources and most importantly it will bleed the blood of the sons of their people oppressed and in the end will remain the negotiating table is the last resort, "and wondered" why not shorten the suffering of our people and we sit down to dialogue from now ?! ", calling that" there will be a meeting between the Greater region and single out Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and This meeting supports the major countries of the members of the Security Council and the European Union and the United Nations in order to find approaches to solutions to the files most complex in the region, especially the Syrian and Yemeni and Bahraini file, and provide financial and political support for Iraq in open war against terrorism. "Headded that" This is a call we are launching on this day blessed and we wish from the Greater region affecting respond to it, there are millions of displaced persons and displaced persons and there are countries on the brink of collapse and there are international terrorism bloody subsisted on these conflicts do not survive him one important perception that remote or protected, "explaining that" the region's conflicts are no longer single-problems or bilateral, but have become 'problems and regional conflicts will not find its way to resolve, but if regional efforts have combined and backed international efforts ".