United Nations representative called on Iraqis to build dialogue and reconciliation

Agencies - called the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubis in a congratulatory message to the Iraqis long Eid al-Adha to all effective dialogue and reconciliation Kubis said in a statement received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of it: I extend on behalf of the United Nations family in Iraq, congratulations to Muslims all over the country on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, wishing all a happy and glorious.

"I would like in these blessed days and in these difficult times being experienced by the country, I call on all Iraqis to effective dialogue and reconciliation in order to common spirit of harmony and equality, justice and peaceful coexistence and cooperation goes back joy and happiness to the hearts of Iraqis."

The Special Representative stressed that it "should be made more of an effort to alleviate the suffering of the millions of Iraqis, and improve their living conditions and access to food, water and health care. Must all Iraqis feel that they have a future in their own country for themselves and their children, which is the main source of concern for the millions of displaced people, whether they are inside the camps or in host communities. " Kubis expressed concern that each new day brings more misery and despair and deepens the feeling of neglect among Iraqis who suffer from brutal terrorist organization Daash.

He also said Kubis "in this blessed day, I very much hope to be able to those who have been forced to flee their towns and regions, with serious risks in most cases, to return to it soon and live in peace and friendship with their families, friends and neighbors."