Shibli has the atmosphere of Baghdad

Mohsen Ulkipaia Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pulling my attention a restaurant capital Baghdad in Jadriya design engineering wonderful from the outside this architectural masterpiece planted in internal journalist curiosity to get to know the contents of this edifice of geometric details and places of entertainment and at the same time I was afraid of the price to be expensive is not plugged my pocket empty, and already in One evening beloved Baghdad entered from the main gate of a restaurant atmosphere Baghdad this portal filled Guard and security elements, shuffling in my footsteps and headed to the cafeteria designed beautifully on the roof of the restaurant sipping a cup of tea and misfortune that the place was crowded with customers not separated between the table and the other only a few centimeters in Traffic place and talking too much and mutual conversations on Kufi Tables Shop, shocked speech rang I heard out of the table adjacent to my desk in the back and there were respectable people and apparently shows them in shape, clothing and (Hendamanm) they are officers or businessmen senior, where they exchanged talk among themselves by saying that the owner of this restaurant is the director of the Rescue former Maj. Gen. Sabah Al-Shibli was appointed later the security of the headquarters of the Interior Ministry director before being referred to retire because of his involvement files of financial and administrative corruption and the appointment of his relatives and very close to his family in the ministry Kvdhaiaan been discovered recently, and increased by saying that Al-Shibli universe wealth billions within a few years was enough to construct the giant This restaurant is in the finest areas of Baghdad from the funds of the Iraqi people and deprived fictitious names and aliens in the Interior Ministry as well as to buy a building in al-Saadoun Street and banking offices and shops in a giant moles of Baghdad !!! Financial and balances in the government and private banks in the inside and outside Iraq enough for him to live for hundreds of years and clog the expenses of his family and his clan to the Day of Judgment.

I lit my cigarette smoke to nip a great burning sensation in disbelief what I heard from these people for the Hall the words that came down on my head thunderbolt crazy and exchanged questions with my cigarette endless stolen from me whatever date with a friend Among the piles of questions is what happens to us? Where the wrath of God Althelp this corrupt and kleptocratic mafias? How can that be referred thief and corrupt to retire? Why did not submit to the court to obtain a fair punished? Atmtm him of this catastrophic and shameful files? In what ways followed to configure these Alumblyarah wealth? And any corrupt mentality owned Al-Shibli and his ways and methods not unthinkable Satan?! , It assigns from Shibli and his ilk from political and partisan gangs and mafias?! Having lost confidence in the fairness of the judiciary Where is the fairness of the sky Why not holding seats of whale fat cats thieves and profiteers and traffickers with the blood of its sons and embezzlers of the rights of the martyrs and innocent people, widows and missing?! , And many questions painful I can not find her answers cures Ghaleel and soothes the mind even lost the last hope to see an Iraq prosperous free of corrupt thieves and hackers Bmekdrath and reputation in light of atrophy and extinction of regulatory and accounting bodies which are no less corrupt from the rest of government institutions even become a tool driven by a corrupt official however We want and will not keep us from Besam hope to see these bands in big trouble but the day of reckoning until authorize the Lord tortured them more suffering, and I am God and to Him we return.
Note; six thousand dinars paid for the Sharpie cup of tea with lemon! .