8000 cop return to their jobs in Anbar

Writings Thursday, September 24, 2015

Declared the governor of Anbar, western Iraq, Suhaib al-Rawi, Wednesday, about 8 thousand police return to their jobs in the province after leaving the organization because of Daash.
The narrator in a statement, that "Anbar police played a major role to the period that preceded the fall of the province, however Daash gangs", noting that "the withdrawal came as a result of the withdrawal of military units from Anbar at a time when the police forces did not possess only light and medium weapons, which is not equivalent to the force that occupied Daash by the province. "
He called the narrator and the interior minister to "the need to develop a mechanism to organize the return of associate who delayed enrollment and to include them in the security forces involved in the liberation of Anbar operations."
The statement pointed out that "the governor of Anbar him earlier, Interior Minister lists of more than 5 thousand member of the register in the district of Khalidiya for their return and hand over their salaries, without the ministry to reach a decision on that yet, despite persistent rebounds conservative."
Spin fierce battles since June 2014, between joint Iraqi forces and "Daash", after the imposition of militants organize their control over most of the cities of al-Anbar, west of the country, while the prime minister Haider al-Abadi launched a wide-scale military operation in the end of the last month of Ramadan, to restore the Anbar province .