Legitimate demands and the official speed of execution
Sep 24 2015

Housing crisis continues to occupy citizens and strain the day
* citizen suffers from not being able to access to clean water
* set prices in the market demands can not be abandoned Baghdad news / Duraid Thamer many years ago Iraqi citizens live in a state of deprivation and misery bitter in the vocabulary of his daily life, he did not demand even in his dreams to have a palace luxury or vehicle with the latest international models or wants to send his children to various European countries to supplement their studies, but his dreams were simple accommodation of a suitable living doing with his children without someone knocking on the door asking him to it or rent or leave the house and its dependents work and learning system and protects the health and the lives of their future happy safe away from it all contributes to what they described disturbing. Is this difficult to Wishlist officials who in their hand the decision? And why can not be achieved many excuses and we are a country of good and tender for thousands of years? And how it can promote the country is still plagued by corruption joints in it? . A number of citizens who spoke with the newspaper ((Baghdad news)) about this.

Housing crisis, said spokesman David Saeed (earner) all currently thinking about is housing, because of the high amounts that I pay for the owners of the property per month, and a trip locomotive between another housing continues, when I can not pay dues that place per month, to Begin searching for others, and the lowest prices, so that my family feels stability in it, was my wish that the official think even for a moment for it to run to save us from our situation, which has become a tragic and bitter, especially when we do not find shelters us with certainty from the summer heat and winter cold to grow our suffering in this country without solutions.

Job said Huda Ahmed Sadiq (housewife) by saying I do not want from my life, but getting a job opportunity live from her trouble simple life, go to it since the morning and then come back to my house and I carry bags of vegetables and fruits to my children who also want to get this opportunity, after he married and became their offspring, in order to earn through which their livelihoods and homes inhabited by with their children. health care pointed Majid Abdul Sattar Beauty (taxi driver) to he dreams of good health care after that I lost a long time ago in government hospitals and found them in the civil imposed by the amounts are high can not be secured or an integrated health centers in his area in order to get the medication he needs for his recovery or healing of his family members and not what is currently seen by the scarcity in medicine and most expensive price of pharmacies civil and some of them expired, and was his wishes to review the health center in his area without huddles auditors on the door of only one doctor, this was a place where there is no other and the rest aliens do not know the reasons for the lack of their presence with Exchange medicine for them does not exist in Shehadlyatem. security and safety beautiful Abdullah Saleh confirmed (a university student) that all Iraqis want security and safety, having lost as a result of the changes that took place in the Iraqi arena, they can not go out at night except in cases of emergency, were demanding safe for life themselves and their children, and must all stakeholders supplied to them in all the provinces.

Retirement income earners said Zuheir strange Hamid (a college student) The life diverge and increasing demands to live decently and this will not happen, but to get through retirement for those who have attained 63 years of wage earners, to Enlarge their age and there is no one to care for them as a result of preoccupation with their children after their marriage new lives or any guarantee for all citizens, as if the allocation of monthly salary to them deducted from oil revenues that are originally belong to the people alone and has no one else right in it. sinking neighborhoods while says Yasmin Tariq Obaid ( employee) years ago and the majority of residential neighborhoods suffer from sinking due to the rains and overflow of sewage to enter the homes, as well as the electricity crisis which formed an obsession tired them for a long time with the scarcity of the hyphen them water and high prices in commercial markets, citizen does not want the authorities concerned shall not live safely decent living Crema where all services are available, starting from the collection of waste on the sidewalks, streets and rubble and scrap in the empty spaces in the regions and the provision of electricity throughout the full day and not be forced to confusion when he wants to provide the food his family.

Unemployed is that Fouad Abdel Razaq Shaker (graduate and unemployed) said the current situation in Iraq refers to the existence of a large number of unemployed, most of them young people and graduates of institutes and colleges who are not be able to governmental institutions of their employment, and as the private sector in the country is disabled, it can not be that there is a place for absorbed into the various their specialties, for this must be appropriate to limit the growth of the unemployed Solutions Perhaps the most important actions to be achieved is acceleration in the reconstruction and economic sectors and infrastructure destroyed by the war and that will create new job opportunities contribute to withdraw Oochgal the unemployed, especially the youth operations. school requirements and see Madiha Abdel Wahed Alwan (sewing) stating that the most important problems facing my family with the beginning of the new academic year, is an increase in child clothing prices abnormally, especially the requirements of the school of bags, clothes and shoes, after he took advantage of traders this occasion excuses flimsy, price of school Suit Incredibly became nor can the majority of Iraqi families buy more than one suit for their children because of the weakness of the potential they hold, was my dream to find an Iraqi laboratories contributing to the alleviation of the suffering of poor families and sell at their own pace and limit the greed of merchants who did not find the address them. vegetable prices mentions Mahmoud Hadi Samir (earner) saying determine vegetables prices of demands that are not palms of her final, Valtlaib winning in the markets between now and then can not be tolerated and finds the judiciary as a result of prejudice to these things to people's lives and their food, when they are taking advantage of people's need to it by imposing disastrous prices on citizen to bow her and purchase them against their will and not destroyed their families from hunger, this requirement put it in front of those responsible for the rapid intervention and the development of specific pricing for all markets without exception and to punish anyone who tries to raise prices or stored to create a crisis of a substance in the markets and then sell them at very high.

Last speak all these demands, who want the Iraqi people from officials and others are at the heart of their work and that provided by any country in the world for its people, and on this basis, the people do not want elusive and impossible things so that they can not be implemented, and did not think to get civilized nations technology in their day but all what they wanted, it is a decent living like the rest of the people around them without him or the gift of a feeling or suffering does not end on an ongoing basis, so it has to be easy to achieve these things and legitimate demands them

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