Minister of Electricity and prevent from traveling obliged to contact the Office of Abadi

Fahdawi tried it twice in a row to travel from Baghdad airport and failed to do so, what called him to contact the office of Iraqi Prime Minister, for special approval to travel

BAGHDAD / obelisk said a political source for "obelisk" The Iraqi Minister of Electricity prevented from traveling from Baghdad airport, Tuesday, what forced him to go back again, for special approvals by traveling.

The source added that "Fahdawi tried it twice in a row to travel from Baghdad airport, Tuesday, and failed to do so, what called him to contact the office of Iraqi Prime Minister, for special approval to travel."

The source said, "We hope to travel Fahdawi, on Wednesday."

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi face in preventing 08/11/2015 accused of corruption financially and administratively from traveling out of the country at a time in which the Iraqi Council of Representatives, questioning the Minister of Electricity.

Fahdawi and prevent from traveling, according to these procedures, because it seems, to the corruption charges against him.

She drew the Iraqi Integrity Commission, to raise issues related to the defendants of stealing public money, and to encroach upon the state and the people's property, to prevent them from traveling names and bring them to justice.

I saw Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, mass demonstrations to condemn the poor service and lack of processing power and financial and administrative corruption in the Iraqi state institutions, while Fahdawi necessitated in Parliament earlier this month on charges of corruption, and expressed Parliament is convinced the answers made by the minister during his interrogation for crisis ongoing in the country, which sparked widespread protests and prompted the authorities to try to make repairs electricity.

The anger of the power cuts on a large scale in the midst of intense heat experienced by the country to the outbreak of demonstrations in Baghdad and many southern cities last month. The demonstrations have evolved in recent weeks to demand the trial of politicians and modify system is described as "rife with corruption and inefficiency."

Since becoming Minister of Electricity, the post a year ago, the Iraqis did not touch tangible results in improving the electricity.

Abadi announced for measures to combat corruption and mismanagement, including the abolition of several large government positions and reduce the security measures and other privileges accorded to officials and to encourage investigations into corruption cases.

Fahdawi and justify the imbalance in power for the time being, that "does not assume responsibility for the system ravaged by years of war and underinvestment in the covenants and former ministers are currently weak and severely hampered by government funding given the decline in oil prices."

The electricity supply has deteriorated in Iraq in the wake of the US invasion in 2003, when power stations have been looted or neglected maintenance, as gunmen pressure towers and other infrastructure facilities targeted during the years ollowing the invasion, while the Baghdad government failed to meet the domestic demand.