Infallible announce his support for government action on the fight against corruption and calls for further reforms
23 September 2015

Announced the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, Wednesday, support for the decisions and actions the government "positive" on the fight against corruption, calling for further reforms, as called for respect for the Constitution as the basis for any action. Masum said in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people on the occasion near the Eid al-Adha Solutions and followed up by Alsumaria News, that "with a view of Eid al-Adha and at this time it stands on Mount Arafat's millions of Muslims of different origins and colors, united and Mtagen, I extend to you my warmest congratulations and blessings of this sacred occasion wishing to Muslims and humanity all peace and goodness, and our greatness and splendor and unity the floor and prayed God Almighty to make this holiday a good omen and Yemen and blessing on our country, and we insist apron and close to our people on the terrorists, and pass both the political and economic challenges currently facing the special session. "

He explained infallible, that "the Iraqi people goes on with determination towards building a democratic political system federal fair preserve the rights and dignity of all Iraqis." The infallible, "I applaud the occasion of our people of all classes and components for their extreme civic spirit of peaceful upscale in recent demonstrations to demand reforms and the fight against corruption." , declaring "support for the decisions and actions the government positive in this regard." He called infallible, to "more reforms and respect for and protection of the rights of citizens and to respect the Constitution as the basis for any action," and expressed "confidence in the ability of the Iraqi people to build a state of citizenship and equal rights and progress." The official spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic Khaled Huani confirmed, earlier, that the President of the Republic Fuad Masum respects all the decisions approved by the Parliament on the government and the parliamentary reform package, as pointed out its firm position and support for anti-corruption reforms.