US court proceedings are set Iraq on the Kurdish oil tanker "Kalaverwta"

The Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region, on Wednesday, the US Court received a lawsuit the federal government on Kurdish oil tanker that arrived in June of 2014 to the port of Galavstn.

According to a ministry statement received / scales News /, a copy of which, "The US court's decision on the return of Appeals in the case of the sale of the Kurdistan Region Oil proved that the Federal Ministry of Oil to withdraw all the complaints that are not legally baseless and registered against the provincial government," noting "The Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region believes that the decision to request the US Court on the appeal means that the Iraqi Oil Ministry should be based withdraw the charges against the set up by the provincial government in the past, because the region's oil was sold and arrived at the place of destination.

The statement added that the provincial government believes that it was a Almtojb to be closed this file sooner, so the situation remains as it is, noting that "this means that there is no objection on the export of Kurdish oil to America or any destination in the world.

The statement noted that "the Ministry of Natural Resources in the provincial government will continue to export hydrocarbons to the outside because he is unauthorized to them under the Iraqi constitution."

The oil tanker Kalaverwta portable one million barrels of oil had reached the region in June of 2014 to the port of Galavstn Lgel sell it, but the Iraqi government a complaint with the US courts against the region because of its export and sale of oil in Mbacr.