Kurdistan plans to raise its oil exports to 900 thousand barrels per day

Vice-President of the Commission on oil and gas in the Kurdistan Parliament Dilshad Shaaban, announced that the province government plans to raise the amount of oil exported via Turkey until the end of this year to 900 thousand barrels per day.

Said Shaaban told told [Anatolia] Turkish, he said that the region is currently exported 700 thousand barrels per day to Turkey, including the Kirkuk oil, pointing out that 150 thousand barrels per day extracted from Kirkuk to be delivered in the Turkish port of Ceyhan to the oil marketing company SOMO, the Iraqi government .
He pointed out that the federal government in Baghdad does not pay the region's share of Iraq's budget, so the region will continue to oil independently sell them.
He accused the central government that it does not intend to pay the share of the Kurdistan region from next year's budget, amounting to $ 11 billion, explaining that the male share region in Iraq's budget is just a "formality" no more.