Prepare an annual report to show the completion of the government program rates

Baghdad, Alaa al-Tai revealed a senior official in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for the initiation issuing the annual final report on the completion of the ministries of government program and reforms ratios during the year, adding received follow-up of government and coordination in the secretariat reports the circle of all ministries and government institutions that show plans and paragraphs that were able to be completed and achieved on the treatment of sagging and administrative restructuring and simplification of procedures ». The official in the follow-up of government and Coordination Service in an interview for» morning »initiate prepare the final annual report of the Special achievements of the ministries and government departments during the year following receipt of his circle of ministerial reports all ratios achievement realized from the government program and mechanisms Treatment sag and administrative restructuring and simplification of procedures «.

he official« that a meeting chaired by the Director of the Prime Minister and the angel office specialist recent meeting discussed the most important achievements in the government program indicators and files related to the development of performance in state institutions and the restructuring and simplification and the need to issue an annual report final comprehensive in this regard « . The meeting also stressed «the importance that the report contains extensive information in follow-up plans and programs included in the priorities of strategic state of the program and be subject to the criteria adopted in determining the rates and ranges of achievement, taking into consideration current developments and government reforms«.

The source added that a working group to review and analyze the data standards adopted provided and re-classification of public policies, strategies, programs and projects to develop themes and presented in line with the strategic outcomes committees on the Application of the strategic priorities of the government program in coordination with the ministries for the completion of the government program «. Also reported that it has been launched to prepare an annual report shows the results of follow-ups and marks the achievement realized rates and linked to the planning and implementation mechanisms, also reflects the current reality of sectoral views, and see the proposed models and provided in the general framework of the strategy put into effect «. The director of the Office of the Prime Minister Dr. Mahdi Keywords face earlier in the continuing efforts and support the government institutions and work for the issuance of a special report shows the public opinion what has been achieved from reforms made ​​by the Prime Minister recently «.

He also noted Keywords during a recent meeting assurances Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi at the General Secretariat support ministries to re-Hiklyatea to simplify procedures and to address the existing slack in some of them after reviewing the laws and objectives of each ministry «.