Trade: the launch of 583 billion dinars as receivables peasants and farmers for wheat marketing

Ministry announced Altharh, the launch of 583 billion dinars, representing a new batch of peasants and farmers to harvest wheat marketers dues.
He said ministry spokesman Mohammed Taha Agloh in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "directing the Prime Minister to expedite the launch of dues peasants and farmers, and to coincide with the holidays of our people Eid Al Adha and to support this important segment of the Iraqi people decided Minister of Commerce Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim launch of a new batch of Receivables in all governorates of Iraq.
"He added Agloh" that a new batch represents 100 billion dinars will be spent new down payment after the Eid al-Adha to cover the entitlements of peasants and farmers, "he said, adding that" the Ministry of Commerce has worked hard and made ​​great efforts to complete the distribution financial benefits to farmers and farmers in the framework of approach is supervised by the Minister of Commerce to support farmers and encourage the agricultural sector to increase the land under cultivation and increase peasants and farmers' income.
"He called Ministry spokesman Altharh" all peasants and farmers to review the grain trade circles in Baghdad and the provinces to receive their entitlements stressing that the ministry is making great efforts to complete This file and pay all dues peasants and farmers who delivered wheat to the ministry silos across the regions of the country except areas controlled by terrorist gangs Daash ".