In order to see the reality of living and health of the inhabitants . 9/23
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Thread: In order to see the reality of living and health of the inhabitants . 9/23

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    In order to see the reality of living and health of the inhabitants . 9/23

    In order to see the reality of living and health of the inhabitants ... Planning Minister inspects one of camps for displaced people in Baghdad and instructs them to submit a grant

    To coincide with the Eid al-Adha solutions in order to see the living conditions, residential and health of displaced families in Baghdad has been the Minister of Planning Dr. Salman al-Jumaili one IDP camps in the Karkh district of Baghdad lose and look at the reality of basic services provided to them Muaza providing financial grants them within the framework of the national strategy allocations to mitigate Poverty in Iraq The Minister stressed that the government during the visit to what is offered to the displaced is not a favor or favor of one, but part of the responsibility of state and government sponsored understand that Iraqi citizens were forced by circumstances to be in this case

    He said the minister We are aware that the size of the problem and a large challenge exceeds the capabilities available today for the government as a result of lower oil prices and military operations, and that the solution to the crisis of displaced persons are not taken to ease the suffering, but also to treat the root of the problem of getting rid of the terrorist gangs and the liberalization of areas that have been displaced, including sons and bring them back safely to it .. . noting that this is not so long ago that the State. I took it upon themselves and in cooperation with our children in the armed forces and all the fighters who are defending the land of Iraq to liberate it from Conception terrorists and the return of its people to it.

    Mr. minister said that the financial situation of the state now is not what we want as a result of circumstances faced by the country, but despite this, the government will not abandon its responsibilities, which is part of alleviating the suffering of the displaced through losing their conditions and also provide what can be offered to them,

    Mr. Minister, and wandering around the camp and met with its population uprooted the listener to a detailed explanation of the requirements needed by the displaced .. stressing that the ministry will strive to meet the requirements of the displaced, including water, medicine and food supply through coordination with other government agencies

    For their part, expressed the citizens of the camp dwellers their thanks and appreciation for the initiative of the minister visited the camp and distribute grant .. demanding more attention to the conditions of the displaced .. praying to Allah Almighty to Yemen auspicious for them to return to their homes and reveals the ordeal for the sons of Iraq .
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