Parliamentary energy warns of a real financial crisis in the event of continued decline in oil prices
Date: 09/23/2015 09:40

Commission on oil and energy parliamentary warned, Wednesday, the Iraqi government of a real financial crisis, the situation continued decline in world oil prices.
Committee Chairman Erez Abdullah told / information /, that "the price of oil in a steady decline, and the price per barrel up to thirty dollars per barrel in the coming days, as all indicators relevant reports indicate lack of high price of a barrel in the near level." .
He added that "oil prices are open to all possibilities, because of the large surplus in the supply of $ 3 million barrels per day and refused to producers cut production ceilings."
Abdullah pointed out that "the government will find itself facing a big challenge over the next year to the need to provide a full operating budget, and the provision of private funds to fight al Daash, as well as other domestic and international obligations."
The economic affairs specialists have warned of the deterioration of the Iraqi economy significantly while not avoid the crisis continued decline in oil prices, at a time when the country is fighting a costly war against Alarhab.anthy / 25 u