Pictures .. Kaaba her dress festooned with new Hariri

Twilight News / has on Wednesday replace the covering of the Kaaba current supervisory new smear process in keeping with the annual custom in the ninth day of Dhu al-Hijjah of each year, where the Staff of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque under the supervision of general plant manager Dr. Mohammed Ba quality and agent factory and Director production lowered the old Kaaba dress and replaced by a new industry has gown of pure silk factory covering of the Kaaba.

There was replacing the cladding process in the presence of employees of the General Presidency for the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque and factory covering of the Kaaba, where they transfer the new dress to the Haram al-Sharif and the four aspects of the divisive and curtain door, where they were lifting each side of the four aspects of the Kaaba of the unit, to the top of Kaaba supervising then line up on the old side and install the top side of the linking of buttonholes and drop the other end of the pleura.

After that was resolved sling the old side, moving the new side up and down in perpetual motion then removed the old side of the bottom and stayed the new side, has been repeating the process four times each side that completed the dress, after which the belt weight on a straight line to the four points of Bkhiatth .

The total cost of the dress Kaaba amounting to 22 million riyals, and are made of special natural silk which is dyed black and has a high dress 14 meters, and is located in the upper third of it belt with a width of 95 cm and a length of 47 meters, consisting of 16 pieces surrounded by a square of Islamic motifs. There are also below the belt Koranic verses written each in a separate window There are interludes that including Qandil form of a written him O self Ya Rahman O Merciful Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds and embroidered belt embroidered prominently covered with wire silver plated with gold and surrounded the Ka'bah entire supervisor.

And it includes cladding curtain on the door of the Kaaba and called the burqa, which is been done in silk, up six and a half meters and a width of three meters and a half verses written on it and decorated with Islamic motifs embroidered Ttriza prominent covered wires silver plated with gold. The cladding consists of five pieces covering each piece aspect of the Kaaba and the fifth piece is the curtain that are placed on the door of the Kaaba and these pieces are connected with each other.

And pass cladding industry in several stages is the stage of dyeing which dye raw silk imported polio body in black or red or green and the stage of the fabric is carried out and where conversion of these dyed either to the cloth silk paralysis pad prints and embroidered upon the belt or curtain or to cloth silk jacquard component the fabric cladding, and the stage of printing and are the printing of all the lines and motifs in the belt or the curtain on the canvas in a way silkscreen, in preparation for Ttrisaha, and the stage of the assembly is a compilation of cloth Jacquard to form the four sides of the cladding, then prove it cut the belt and the curtain will be installed on top of the Kaaba.And these are all stages in the factory of the belt and the manual and automatic fabric weaving, printing, flags and curtain dyeing partitions and employs more than two hundred employees of the Saudi Almasalh cadres and trained on this unique industry.

The Kaaba of Mecca, which is located in the center of the Grand Mosque, then grew up around the Holy city of Mecca House, which has become the home of the Quraysh tribe and descendants of Ishmael peace be upon him, as the Kaaba is located in the center of the globe, and topped up in the heavens globe house that roam angels around him, and said to the angels are the ones who have built Kaaba before the creation of man after God authorized to do so. Kaaba and remained extinct period of time under the sand, so that the eye of God Almighty House Web site of Abraham, peace be upon him and helped him in the architecture of Prophet Ismail peace be upon him, and that was nearly four thousand years, and the building of Abraham is the second construction of the sacred Kaaba, where reportedly the Qur'an that the Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael lifted the house rules, which indicates that it was there before, it is a building built by angels.

The Kaaba built by Abraham build a fourfold rise nine cubits, and the door to the ground, and make Abraham peace be upon him in the wall black stone marked the beginning of wandering around, then God Nabih Ibrahim is peace that is authorized in people pilgrimage it, has I hear God created all this appeal. God and make this house a sanctuary clean safe resort and people feel safe in it for themselves. Arabs Kaaba Osmt has several names, including the Sacred House, and the House of Muharram and the old house, and became the Kaaba after the second year of the Prophet's migration kiss Muslims, they are turning to in their prayers.