Parliamentary committee: the activation of investment projects in the Martyrs Foundation Act soon

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - The Committee to martyrs and political prisoners, parliamentary member of hope Atiya, said that the Commission is seeking to put a paragraph in the new martyrs Corporation Law provides for the activation of investment projects, pointing out that these projects aim to run some factories or rental of property Foundation.

She explained the gift's (IMN) that "financial rents will come from plants or factories or hire some of the Martyrs Foundation apartments can distract from the slide covered the martyrs of the popular crowd and the martyrs of the former regime."

It was announced by the citizen bloc MP Mohammad Allkash earlier, that the Committee of Martyrs and Political Prisoners parliamentary decided to move to merge the martyrs of the popular crowd, as well as the martyrs of the terrorist attacks in the Martyrs Foundation Act.

Attia and continued that "the Committee of Martyrs parliamentary intention to put that paragraph relating to investment by the Martyrs Foundation to enhance the opportunities for financial institution revenues to enable them to cover the expenses covered by the slide."

According to the Attorney wean Alkrtani earlier, that all the political blocs in the parliament expressed support for the new amendments to the Law of the Martyrs Foundation, which included the integration of the martyrs of the popular crowd and the martyrs of the terrorist attacks.