Parliamentary Finance ministries are looking to reduce the budget to reduce the deficit

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - parliamentary finance committee member Husam punitive stressed that his committee will be discussed with all financial managers in all ministries and each ministry's budget, and try to reduce them to reduce the fiscal deficit value.

A member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Masood Haider earlier, that the Commission will discuss with the Minister of Finance draft financial budget bill, in the fourth month of October next, to discuss the redeployment or reduction of costs and stimulate investment.

He said the punitive's (IMN) "The Finance Committee will invite general managers in all ministries and all the specialist financial affairs during the budget discussion in the Committee to see the possibility of allocations for each ministry," explaining that "the Commission will work to reduce the public budget amounting to 113 trillion dinars for delivery to the 100 trillion or more to reduce the deficit amounting to 29 trillion."

He pointed out that "the 2016 austerity budget, and should rely on the operating budget to support the important things Kaltazizat military and the ration card and important things in the investment budget."

It is noteworthy that the parliamentary finance committee confirmed that it will prepare a real budget for 2016 serves the state in general and the fit with the current situation of the country.