Abadi documents ordering the arrest of the Director General of Customs after being found guilty of corruption

Published on: 09/23/15

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: issued Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, an arrest warrant, Director General of Customs, Major General Jassim Al-Hakim on charges of corruption and waste of public money.

According to documents obtained by "Sky Press," that "the prime minister Haider al-Abadi Baghdad Operations Command, ordered the arrest of the Director General of Customs after reports proven guilty of wasting public funds and misuse of power to achieve the goals and personal gain."

The Director General of Customs, Major General Hakim Jassim currently resides in the Mansour where he lives near the intersection of pioneers, after returning from Beirut and visited at the invitation of Waha oil company which undertook the travel and tourism costs after the success of the deal struck with the Jassim deletes all customs dues and legal infractions against amounts and significant financial benefits and gifts received by the Director of Customs.

The media sources reported earlier news about corruption Customs Directorate, which is practiced by Maj. Gen. Jassim Al-Hakim and his associates and opulence and extravagant concerts in the establishment of the Directorate account prompted the Prime Minister to follow this file Directorate.