Economic parliamentary: financial challenges are an obstacle to write a 2016 budget to Parliament

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09/23/2015 13:20

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: The Commission on the economy and investment representative, Wednesday, that the large fiscal deficit and the problem of the Kurdistan region's share of the financial budget stand in the 2016 budget to send the House of Representatives during the current month.

Said committee member Najiba Najib for "tomorrow Press," that "the 2016 budget will not be up to the House of Representatives in September due to the current financial challenges orientation which are an obstacle to be sent, and of fiscal deficits and by Kurdistan's share of the budget."

Najib added that "is likely to put an end to those problems and have sent the budget at the end of October month to Parliament for the purpose of making some amendments and approval," indicating that "the Commission is working to coordinate with the Ministry of Finance and Planning to study the economic constraints in the budget and develop solutions and recommendations for the purpose of sending the federal budget in a timely manner. "