Masum calls Abadi for more reforms 9/23
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Thread: Masum calls Abadi for more reforms 9/23

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    Masum calls Abadi for more reforms 9/23

    Masum calls Abadi for more reforms

    Shafaq News / President of the Iraqi Republic, Fuad Masum called on Wednesday the Prime Minister to carry out further government reforms in the country.

    This came in a speech on the occasion of Eid al-Adha addressed to the people, saying that his feelings are addressed in particular also to millions of displaced people , migrants and residents of the areas under ISIS terrorist control.

    Masum said in his speech "on this occasion , I thanks our people of all components for their extreme peaceful civil spirit during the recent demonstrations to demand reforms and fight corruption," adding that he supports "the decisions of the government and the positive measures in this regard."

    The president also called for "more reforms and respect of the rights of citizens and to respect the Constitution as a base for any actions."
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