Parliamentary Committee discussed the finance minister next month

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Masood Haider, said that the Committee will discuss with the Minister of Finance draft financial budget bill, in the fourth month of October next, to discuss the reduction or redeployment costs and stimulate investment.

It is said that the Finance Committee confirmed that it will prepare a real budget for 2016 serves the state in general and the fit with the current situation of the country.

The committee member said Masood Haider's (IMN), that "the discussion with the Minister of Finance will aim to further the balance between investment and operating expenses, in the proposed financial budget bill before sending it from the government to the parliament on 10/10 in order to work on the ideal balance according to data the current economic in the country."

He said Haider that "the validity of the episodes Council on the draft budget law centered in reducing expenditures and transfers were only and the rest of the proceedings of the validity of the Council of Ministers exclusively and we will work on the preparation of a balance between expenditure and investment in coordination with the government, the privatization of some public sectors to private or mixed and make optimal investment environment to attract foreign companies."

The parliamentary finance committee and I spoke, earlier, to take strict austerity measures to balance next year Tkhalal cut costs for ministries and government agencies to cover the deficit in the budget of 2016.