Foreign Relations: Iraq's looted funds Snstrdha by resorting to international courts.

Board member of the Foreign Relations Committee Muthana Amin, Tuesday, Iraq recourse to international courts to force some countries on the repatriation of funds looted from Iraq and banks in those countries. Said Amin's / scales News / "The money stolen from the treasury of Iraq found in banks, some Arab countries and Alakulaimh," noting that "Iraq is working to recover the money can not be for those countries not to cooperate with Iraq in order to return them to the treasury of the Iraqi state in the presence of the courts International that Iraq can resort to it to compel those states to cooperate with Iraq in this matter. " He said the Foreign Relations Committee member, said "there are some legal formalities prevent some countries in dealing with some of the issues, including the restoration of Iraqi funds looted," pointing out that "it is necessary to hold bilateral agreements with those countries for the restoration of the right of the Iraqi people to him." The "Integrity Committee member of the parliamentary Ardalan Noureddine confirmed, earlier, that Iraq will hold bilateral agreements with some Arab and regional countries on whose territory lie looted from the treasury of the Iraqi government to retrieve the money" .