Governor of Maysan province discuss with the Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister to borrow from banks for project implementation mechanism

(Independent) / Eman al-Lami / .. Search governor of Maysan province Ali Douai needed with an economic advisor Mohammed Jawad Kazem possibility of resolving the crisis, the financial allocations to projects and invested. Him Douai proposal for borrowing from government and private banks to complete the projects implemented and rates Basic earnings as adviser to include a proposal governor of Maysan province in the table of the Council of Ministers meeting promised to enable those in charge of this project from the banks and bank managers and owners executing projects companies to start working service for the people of the province The governor of Maysan in a statement (Independent): The discussion of payment on credit for investment projects which have a special mechanism to pay amounts and encourage the promotion of industry and agriculture sectors within the launch loans initiative to stimulate economic reality, especially for new young people to Khregeyn He also wants to import crop progress from Iran via the border port of gray hair and for a definite period for the purpose of marketing sophistication local cultivation which abound in judgment on the west to revitalize the local economy (end).