COI Denies in Tuesday 8/9/2015, issuing summon order against Deputy Meshaan Al-Jeburi.

COI denies the news that was published by some mass media that included a copy of a letter that alleged issuing the letter by COI, where COI stressed that it did not issue any summon order against Deputy Meshaan Al-Jeburi, thus the news was false and the letter that mass media alleged issuing the letter by COI because it is forge letter and false. COI conformed that COI aims always to cooperate with National mass media and it considers it as real partner in fighting corruption, where it called mass media to be more subjective during issuing COI news and its activities and depending on to the official website of COI to be knowledge and stressing that the official recourses of news will protected mass media from publishing false news which may be subjected to legal accountability. Mass media published on Tuesday, false under the title [COI Summoned Meshaan Al-Jeburi in order to Investigate in Previous Corruption Accusations], where it attached a copy letter that alleged issuing by COI.