A government source: a new salary scale next year

Sabah newspaper in its edition of detection, Tuesday, in the words of a government source described Ba'er the completion of a new ladder of salaries by the "Higher Committee" in the Council of Ministers, stressing that it "will bring justice and eliminates the large differences between the employees' salaries, will also contribute to the improvement of the world, including grades salaries ". The source, who works in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers that "the government has vowed to improve the salary scale by achieving justice through the new system, which will remove the significant differences that existed over the past years," stressing that this trend comes in implementation of the decisions of the reform package launched by Dr. Haider Prime Minister Abadi early last August. He added, "The new salary system, which was prepared by the higher committee in the Council of Ministers will contribute to improving staff salaries, especially those with lower grades, and to ensure justice and the removal of differences in monthly salaries" ,, indicating that it will be applied within the budget next year.
According to the leaks, obtained by the "morning" from its own sources, the "new salary system Saakhlu of exceptional provisions and dangerous and raises the nominal salary minimum degrees and lowers the higher grades, with certificate and marital allocations will amount to 45 percent of the value of the nominal salary to junior staff, which will not exceed 500 Thousand dinars".
The government source, he noted that "the government's reforms aimed at achieving balance and justice and the health of what has been trading on a crisis criticism may prevent the payment of staff salaries for the remainder of the year for months," he said, adding, "it was taking necessary measures to ensure the cadres of the state and its employees' salaries measures, and filling the shortfall in the financial revenues of the state resulting from the sale of low global oil prices ".