Commissioner of integrity confirms the recovery smuggled money and its thieves is a public demand

Dr. Al-yaseri indicated during his speech on Thursday 10-9-2015 in the workshop that organized by extradition office in the commission, however the demands of people and trends of government and Al-Marja`ea toward the reform are considered suitable environment for unifying our effort; in order to activate the extradition documents, pointing out that the commission would seek to complete its tasks what can be the best, as well as asking other national agencies concerned, to unify with commission, in order that the objectives are clear and specific saying: " whether our visions and our attitudes in side are unified, so our goals abroad will correct".
The commissioner expressed regret dispersion of state entities concerned to extradite the funs and accused persons in the previous period, noting that several parties took it upon themselves to achieve this task including COI, and the big mistake in which the entities occurred, are did not combine their efforts, pointing out that one of these mistakes is assigning the task of chairing the extradition fund to the deputy minister of finance, who was unable to advance this responsibility because of the large concern in the ministry of finance.
Al-yaseri drew attention to the importance of focused on the future and unify the efforts, without which the country cannot extradite the money and its thieves, proposed the establishment of a connection between COI represented by the extradition office and other governmental entities concerned by representatives of each state.

He asserted the importance of national bodies’ achievements concerned with extradition cases which require legal procedures to be followed, without depending on officials’ press announcements call for extraditing the culprits and recovering smuggled assets, also press and frequently demand the uncooperative states with Iraq by depending on the diplomatic means, official delegates and signing cooperation memorandums. He expressed his believe that the re-requesting and using press with any means on the uncooperative states and make use of the both conventions (UNCAC, ACAC) may lead to make these states respond.
Representatives of Higher Judicial Council, National Intelligence Apparatus, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior (The Manager of Arab and International Police Directorate), Central Bank (Money Laundering Report Office), Kurdistan Region Representative in General Secretariat of Council of Ministers, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Justice/ Legal Office and Ministries and Entities Non- Affiliated to Ministry participated in the workshop entitled (The Challenges of Recovering Money and Extraditing Culprits and the extent of responding the UNCAC Requirement)
The participants discussed in the workshop the group of challenges which stand in the way of executing the extradition cases outcomes and main obstacles faces by the entities, each under their specialty.
The higher Judicial Council representative answered these challenges without determining the Public Money damages’ value, non-attaching the departure and arrival record of the culprit and the verdicts are lack of attachment on culprit’s movable and immovable money.
While the national intelligence apparatus’s representative explained the information inaccuracy issue mentioned in the “Bases System” regarding the traveling record of the culprits and it contain many inconsistencies, some departure of culprits were lack of permission and Kurdistan region is excluded from this system.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative discussed the matter of extradition cases sending delay, the weakness of the diplomatic aspect and negotiation with concerned states to extradite the culprits as with Jordan which refused to extradite 6 culprits yet.
While the most prominent part of the Manager of Arab and International Police Directorate’s explanation regarding the movement of the culprits ,red bulletin issued against them, among states without being arrested.
The other challenges which face the concerned entities are the bad supervisory of the Bank remittances by Money Laundering Report Office and there were contradictions in the Kurdistan Region Representative Answers with Intelligence Apparatus answers.