Sentence issued against former manger of contract department in MoD for violating teasers contract

CoI stated that Alrisafa misdemeanor court issued judgment in absentia to imprison former manager of contract department in MoD for violating the contract signed between the ministry and US companies. In relating to the case referred to the court by investigating judge on integrity cases, CoI investigation showed that the convict (Thar Mohammed Tawfeeq Abdul Allateef), who hold position of former manager of contract department in MoD , violated the contract signed by the ministry and (International Sopler Co.) to provide the ministry with 100 teasers.
It also referred that negligence of the convict in following up receiving contract items and implementing it properly and in accordance with rules, as he considered in charge of that, caused damages to interest of MoD.
According to available evidences and proofs supporting by statement of legal representative of the ministry in addition to presumption of the convict escaping , the court found that all these available evidence and presumptions are sufficient to criminalize him. Accordingly, the court issued its judgment to imprison the convict with intensive sentence of two years pursuant to article provisions No. 341 P.
The judgment in absentia issued against the convict in accordance with article provisions No. 182/A include issuing arrest order .