Abadi warns of a campaign to target Iraq and confirms not to run "media war" with Kurdistan

Twilight News / confirmed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Tuesday, the importance of the reform of the Iraqi judiciary, reiterated his determination not to retreat from reform packages that recently launched, and warned of a campaign "deliberate" targeting the country also pointed to the existence of parties trying to increase requests for "embarrass" the government.

Ebadi said in a statement that "the reforms started will not back down and I am optimistic about the success of our association and our determination and our patience because there are some obstacles deliberate and another as a result of the accumulation."

"There are many rumors and false news passed between social networking sites to distort the facts and these things were raised after the reforms that touched the privileges and protections and corrupt, which means that there is a deliberate campaign aimed at everything in the country began."

He added that "everyone understands that we are in a state of war with the enemy, which would require funds to buy weapons and gear, and we start with the reforms, oil prices began to decline again, which is after a little bit, but we Basrarna we will improve our performance and we are developing and we need some time to perform some action."

And that "reform packages were interconnected, wherein what regards the political dimension by hitting the quota system and other related privileges officials and reduce government spending and protections including those related to administrative, economic matters and the launch of the loans," adding that "the money as they are administered properly, it will go in the right way".

Abadi warned of "trying to divide between the citizen and the security services," pointing at the same time that "some are trying to increase applications to embarrass the government, which knows that the price of oil down continuously."

The Prime Minister emphasized "the importance of reform of the judiciary, but we respect the separation of powers", alluding to "continue to review the decision of the state ownership of real estate."

And on the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil Ebadi he said that "we deal with the Kurdistan Region is based on a clear agreement on the basis to issue 550 thousand barrels a month, and we give them their share of the actual monthly budget is not planned."

He continued that "in the event of low export ratio will drop the same size as the decline did not pay them when they refrained from payment and we will not be fighting a propaganda war with them, but there are actions taken on this matter."