Kurdistan is losing a legal battle to export its oil to the United States

Tuesday 22 September 2015 | 05:37 evening

BAGHDAD / Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit in New Orleans of the mandate of the US ..asdrt consistently ruled that the ban issued previously imposed on the Kurdistan region of Iraq's exports to the United States away from the authority of the central government in Baghdad.

The ruling issued after the establishment of Shari undefined the issue of the resumption of the US government demanding the lifting of urban imposed on the Kurdish oil exports at the request of the Iraqi government so that the provincial government to export oil without reference to the central authority in Baghdad, according to the network "economic Bloomberg" reported and translated "Eye Iraq News ".

Recalls that the government in the Kurdistan region of Iraq is seeking for a long time to set up an independent economy completely from the central Baghdad by creating ways of their own export, which did not succeed as a result of successive issues that are held against it from official parties within the Iraqi government as well as the existence of legal obstacles among other countries, the fact that Iraqi Kurdistan recognized state is not officially part of the United Nations.

This comes at a time when This resolution represents a new obstacle again before the pursuit of the province to establish full independence economic Kan for the center in Baghdad, where the case began mentioned the sentence passed by the US courts last year against the provincial government after the last of trying to export shipments of crude oil towards the ports of Mexico and ended with confiscation by the Iraqi government within the Inter-American Court's decision, which he spent as well as forcing the provincial government to inform the Court as well as the government in Baghdad for any export operations intend Ajraiha.anthy 5.