Parliamentary Finance: cash are an obstacle to the government to activate the private sector

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09/22/2015 11:59

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad confirmed the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed, Tuesday, that the lack of liquidity by the government is an obstacle to activating the private sector and the promotion of goods in the domestic market.

Said Mohammed for "tomorrow Press", "The government is obliged to develop solutions to activate the private sector, including the provision of adequate funds for private companies in the production of national products for the purpose of improving the production and promoted on the market at affordable prices."

He added that "most of the citizens in general have no cash due to economic conditions and the country's ongoing austerity," noting that "liquidity are an obstacle to the government in supporting the private sector and stimulate and promote its goods in the domestic market."

He pointed out that "most of the citizens are looking for cheap goods, which will face the local product support some of the economic problems."