Maliki calls the popular crowd to protect the political process of "co-conspirators"

Tuesday 22-09-2015 | 4:19:06

Twilight News / Vice President Nuri al-Maliki called on the popular crowd formations to the political process and protection schemes "conspirators and critics of support."

Maliki said in his speech today by honoring the victims of the crowd ceremony that "formations crowd the popular resistance foiled the conspiracies and plots woven against Iraq to topple the political process," adding that "in the absence of such a solid will and generous sacrifices Iraq was now in a last and managed all the schemes hatched against him. "

"The crowd commemorated the sacrifices of the popular culture of jihad that nearly die, and this tender and the determination to meet the legitimate and should be addressed to the enemies of religion and humanity contributed to thwart all conspiratorial schemes."

He stressed "the need to support the formations of the popular crowd and their families and to provide all the power supplies, because power does not mean the weapon but only means of faith in the political process and to achieve solidarity and a culture of jihad and martyrdom."

He called the "stand-by-side children of martyrs and provide full attention and care for them, as well as upbringing valid fulfillment of those heroes who sacrificed their lives for this country and its people."