Abadi between national loyalty and party affiliation

By Moataz Abdul Qadir 5 hours ago 09-22-2015

Bernard Shaw says, "that the tragedy of the world in which we live is that power often settle in the hands of the disabled" and as "new" Iraq occupied the 2015 position befitting his regime sectarian sectarian and ethnic quotas, as it was ranked 170 out of 175 countries entered in the Organization report integrity and transparency as one of the most corrupt countries in the world and got only 16 points from the total of 100 points. There is no worse than him only five countries, including Somalia as a result came out for six weeks of demonstrations in the Iraqi provinces, which appeared high national spirit.

And it proved to everyone that Iraq is one people is no difference between the sects, and those who make sectarian discrimination are politicians Almentviein, came this wave of demonstrations in order to eliminate the pests corruption that began necrosis Mussat State, and reflected negatively on the lives of Iraqi citizens and their daily bread to the point he became by Iraq par failed state, because of the expansion of the super-rich politicians and their families, and this Scott already religious authorities that interjecting in political life one way or another to the extent that become interference in the elections and indents person on the other, reduce Mapdo Iraqi individual lose confidence in everything, whether religious or tribal dressed as government, from the womb of this case, Haider al-Abadi came to announce taken a series of steps "reform" that will investigate more than a few politicians spoilers from office, which was representing the largest financial resource for them, and allow them to make decisions that fit their interests and the interests of States that stand behind them, and that which has not been given the desirability of these spoilers, so they took a two-way and moving against these reforms, although it did not take into Atid to now which is, as they say merely "ink on paper".

The first trend, a political trend, where to put some political obstacles in front of al-Abadi and stand against him despite the claim of the Iraqi masses, and for example, the issue of the Iraqi judiciary, which the Iraqis demanded the resignation of his boss, but all Alsaassen and parliamentarians opposed Abadi and will of the people in that file, and expressed their support for Medhat al-Mahmoud accused first in standing with the spoilers, which forced Abadi that states that does not have the authority to dismiss "Mahmoud" from his post.

The second trend is a legal way, as a result of the pressures that began against Haider al-Abadi from the cocoon of his party made him announce from time to another and waving in his speeches as a prisoner of the so-called constitutional laws and should be legal and consistent reforms with to be deported Constitution, as if the mouthpiece of the Constitution says gives the minister 20 million dinars trip for medical treatment.

In our personal opinion we see that a lot of Iraqis built hopes for the current prime minister Haider al-Abadi, despite the fact that al-Abadi did not come from another planet, although remnants of the Dawa Party, which with close ties with Iran, which is working hard to drain Iraq in any party, and the first station had stopped Abadi was Valtoagaf Tehran in Iran means a declaration of loyalty, and more than once reiterated its commitment under the guidance of Najaf Abadi reference, and this is the kind of metaphysics! How to be a mandate for two reasons opposing, one believes in velayat-e faqih and the other does not believe in it as it claims, although they in fact exercised, did not choose Abedi the recipe characterize with high respect for his person, but this is actually The position of al-Abadi as Prime Minister of Iraq has to shirk from membership of the party and work location responsibility, given the history of al-Abadi near see that he was head of the Finance Committee in the Parliament in this sense we see that Mr. Abadi is aware of the others in corruption, and what happened from corruption in the ruling al-Maliki was a witness to it, if not involving a transfer, in terms of Saket about corruption no less havoc on the spoiler.

In order to Abadi go down in history and this something is very difficult under Tqoukah inside the cocoon of his party, but we as researchers and followers to appoint the right thing, exit of Mr. Abadi of coincidence Dawa Party, it will enable him to breathe properly away from the pressures and commitments guidance partisan especially that the leader of party is Nuri al-Maliki , which fails to identify opportunities Abadi projects in a desperate attempt to prove he is the best and fittest of Abadi him to lead the country.

And what should pay attention to him that al-Abadi did not receive this support for darkening his eyes, but because it is now the CEO in the country, which has the reform, which did not mention of any Officer before the task, then Abadi himself in front of two options represent two chances at the same time, the two Mottagarepettan the extent of matching but completely opposite directions. Either out of Thzbh and declares that Iraq first, or that exhibits by his peers and miss this golden opportunity, and then you will lose power, and then prove that the failure is the basis of the call and its members Party.