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    Bgg newstime 9/21/15


    BGG: also - if anyone would like to help out - we could use some additional Chat Copiers (and we need to work out a few adjustments soon) get a message in to Magnetlady

    BGG: I have a few comments and some very interesting news to look at...BGG: As we talked about during Round Table today - the Moody's rating is good news...BGG: whatever it means (exactly) them having a ratings outlook is good...BGG: and by the by - it is only a "provisional rating" on their bonds only - however, it's essentially the data and info they would use on a sovereign credit rating...
    BGG: great comments by rcookie earlier regarding Alaq...

    Doodle Brain: I am confused by this. Here, we are putting Iraq "down" by saying that they only thing they have is "oil" and yet...We are giving them an 8% growth BECAUSE of their oil

    BGG: yes and no - overall, and in light of the severity of their situation, I took this report as generally realistic...
    BGG: and positive.

    Doodle Brain: Please don't get me wrong...when I posted this it was a great feeling...

    BGG: that is the rating by Moody's today...

    Doodle Brain: Here we have all agencies giving Iraq this B rating, plus or minus whatever...Doodle Brain: we all know that they have the assets to back their currency...Doodle Brain: so "they put them down" then "they build them up"
    Doodle Brain: this is where I am having the issue

    Pablo: Well, it's putting us into a good Moody.
    BGG: as a credit rating agency - it is vital they are reliable in their portrayal to investors.

    Doodle Brain: agree. understand.

    Doodle Brain: Moody's article"I expected Moody's credit rating, to increase Iraq's oil production at a rate of 10% annually to reach about 5 million barrels a day by 2019, in conjunction with the non-oil growth from 2016 recovery on wards, and this will help to raise real GDP growth rate to about 8 % per year between 2016 and 2019. She Moody's said in a statement, that the Iraqi economy suffers from a lack of diversification, where oil accounts for 50% of GDP, and nearly 100% of exports, as the public sector dominated the non-oil sector, and the form of manufacturing and construction only 10% of GDP GDP in 2014.

    In 2014, real GDP in Iraq fell by 2.1%, driven by a sharp contraction in the non-oil growth, while oil production has continued to grow by about 4.5%

    Doodle Brain: so we are rating them "down" because they don't have the diversification"...but let me ask this question....

    rcookie: and the only asset they have is tanking at the moment...then factor in corruption...ISIS

    BGG rcookie: and in the light of all that - still a reasonably decent outlook - "stable with instituational risk" is probably an accurate picture...

    BGG Doodle Brain: go ahead...

    Doodle Brain: So please...If my country is full of oil and "prescious metals" (which we are not mentioning)...and if my oil, oh...I don't care if it is valued at 20 dollars, my country is rich in assets.

    Doodle Brain: It doesn't have to be rice or wheat or whatever they are working on for the winter months...I have assets.Doodle Brain: AND!, I also have a neighboring country (Iran) that is willing (maybe wanting) to work with us to take "down" the common enemy.

    BGG Doodle Brain: What they have "in the ground" and what they can pump, process and sell are two very different numbers... and this is their short term issue - PERIOD.

    Doodle Brain: got it. That's why they have announced that they will be pumping and selling more "than the market can tolerate".

    Doodle Brain: This is way above my head. I just feel like, Iran and Iraq, are working together regarding black gold...

    BGG Doodle Brain: and they are still spending too much based on the 2015 deficit and bad projection of oil prices. They have short term crisis - they have discussed (privately) bridging this gap with some emergency currency move...

    Doodle Brain: agreed. So then why did they agreed to cancel the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil and now INCLUDE it in the 2016 budget?

    BGG Doodle Brain: however, until this political corruption is "cornered" they are still discussing options...

    Doodle Brain BGG: totally agree on that.Doodle Brain BGG: the oil agreement

    BGG: OK - lemme' get to a couple of pieces... and we'll open this thing up

    Doodle Brain BGG: Petal to the Metal!

    BGG: back to rcookie's comment from earlier...
    BGG: I said - based on Alaq talking about offering LOANS to get Iraq out of the crisis...
    BGG: What on the Good Green Earth is this NOOB talking about??
    BGG: is this guy CRACKED??

    BGG: rcookie said - You can hear the cuckoo birds!!!!

    Doodle Brain BGG: he's named, NOOB. what did you expect?

    BGG: and all of that to bring this point up...

    BGG: the Parliamentary Finance Committee says (today) to combat money laundering is the job of the CBIBGG: except...BGG: they also realize...

    BGG: ..."the parliamentary finance committee and after the rise in the dollar exchange rate, I noted "the existence of mafias supported by some political decision-makers in Iraq."
    And "that there are names of accused of smuggling currency and money laundering to the Iraqi judiciary and the banking sector and the Central Bank, will be right to take legal action."...

    BGG: Alaq is probably in bed with Maliki and the judiciary (according to this report)...

    BGG: if the Finance Committee is putting out info like this - how long do you think it will be before they act on it?????????

    Doodle Brain BGG: yesterday

    BGG: they know it - it is public record - the people know it - it's in the media (which is where they do all their fighting)..


    BGG: (side note - Abadi says today - he's not going to "try his reforms in the media" - he's just going to do it)BGG: Uh oh -

    Doodle Brain BGG: and, "if it costs him his life." pretty strong statement today by Abadi

    BGG: exactly - two more critical reports to show you...

    BGG: BIGGIE HERE...BGG: Movements in the backstage of the National Alliance for change

    : Informed sources revealed the movements behind the scene of the National Alliance for change. Haidar Al-Abbadi, Iraqi Government after the reforms announced by the crisis raised with its partners.

    BGG: The "big news" is Abadi is having trouble with his "natural partners" over these reforms...

    BGG: Sources told Asharq Al-Awsat published in London on Monday over a "hindrance" to replace the Prime Minister, that "both the Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim and Sadr movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr say that if so it won't come anymore one of Dawa party (led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki) Prime Minister."

    BGG: I highly doubt any realistic talk of changing the PM will take place - BUT Hakim AND Sadr promise if that does happen - IT WON'T COME FROM THE DAWA PARTY - as in NO MALIKI or Maliki influence.BGG: plus - Maliki JUST GOT DISSED by the US Embassy over this topic

    rcookie: Lopped off at the knees!!!

    BGG: "we support Abadi and the GOI" (in so many words)

    BGG: ...Sources disclosed that the verbal altercation between Al-Abadi of Maliki and his predecessor. She explained that the latter last week went to the headquarters of Abadi "began shortly after the shouting between the two men. "Maliki out of Office Abadi angry talking about who what he called traitors and agents of the English, in reference to the party leaders who were with him and turned to Al-Abadi, including Sadeq al-Rikabi, Tareq Najem and Walid ornaments (and three British citizenship).

    BGG: It appears Maliki and Abadi just had "bad words"
    BGG: and like I have been saying these major players have left the Maliki camp..

    jackflash101st: NOT THE first time,,,Nor the last!

    BGG: al-Rikabi (a while back) - and unbelievably - Tareq Najem (who was at one time considered for the PM job)...

    BGG: Maliki calling Abadi and these guys traitors and agents for the US... (what a #$%^&)

    BGG: ..."In context, said Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, he knew that some close friends they will be turned after the reforms. "


    quicktolegit96: wow
    maine: yikes
    jackflash101st: awww the sounds of a desperate man,,,maliki

    BGG: Abadi's "friend" Maliki is not happy - and will be "turned" (what does THAT mean??)...

    BGG: Abadi said during his speech at the Conference (your Government service), on Monday, that "some protections for some of the characters are equivalent to the total three divisions but within the real measurement of this unreasonable", stating: "we know that some close us they will be turned on us after these reforms."

    BGG: in a different context (different forum and context) - he's saying these guys have 3 divisions of security - that could be better used to fight ISIS and some close to us (Maliki) will be turning against us... after..

    In the meantime, the National Alliance leader and Deputy President Iyad Allawi article campaign against Abbadi.

    BGG: Allawi is campaigning against Abadi because he's in the corruption up to HIS EARS... he's a crook and just got fired.

    BGG: He (Allawi) said that the decision to curtail protections Abadi "grooming ground for the process of the assassination" doesn't hurt in the alleged repair box.

    Dr Dave: Barzani and Talibani are also on this list

    BGG: Very fishy Allawi says Abadi is setting the stage for assassinations and later the same day one of Maliki's gang "narrowly escapes" an assassination attempt...
    BGG: TOO EASY...

    BGG: And here is the BIGGIE FOR THE NITE>..

    BGG: Infallible: we finished the project for national reconciliation we will announce it after the Eid

    The President of the Republic of Iraq Fuad Masum, the completion of the draft national reconciliation in the country and will be put after the Eid al-Adha.

    BGG: that's only a few days.

    BGG: Masum was speaking in an interview today he said, 'that the debate about national reconciliation for the past ten years has been just talk to Atail him, and was more like a Byzantine controversy', referring to 'the existence of an integrated project of reconciliation between Iraqi parties has been completed, it is expected to be put forward after Eid to be there is the concept of reconciliation with all internal groups'.

    BGG: The infallible in his interview, speaking about the current situation in Iraq 'current demonstrations in the country was necessary to awaken the politicians of slumber, due to security and political situation affecting the country, added to that the support of the religious authority for these demonstrations'

    BGG: He expressed his conviction that the infallible 'This danger does not go away without for genuine reconciliation between the political and popular circles in Iraq, Kon'daash' led to split a community get so serious and divisions have reached to all the places'.

    BGG: Massoum is saying - even he didn't believe the earlier conversations about this...BGG: If he is serious - this is big and there is legit movement behind the scenes
    BGG: I am a little surprised.

    BGG: if they really do toss Maliki - and I think they will - the National Guard Law will fly right thru - as will a lot if important things... THIS INCLUDED.

    BGG: Abadi has to have been on the phone with these guys..

    Dr Dave: what does the national recon mean? Did we not have this honor agreement over a year ago

    BGG Dr Dave: something similar - but more along the lines of putting Shias, Sunnis and Kurds on the same page - instead of dividing them along sectarian lines for political gain.

    BGG Dr Dave: the good news - this time - reconciliation is better for the political betterment than division is....

    Pablo: Any idea when parliament is going to vote to confirm the dismissal of the VPs?

    BGG Pablo: no clue - I don't think they even come back until after the 27th??

    Pablo: I'm not sure when they are coming back.

    BGG Pablo: it has been submitted from the CoM to Jubouri though - it's up to him.
    BGG rcookie: OK - comments??

    Dr Dave: reconcile what.....

    BGG Dr Dave: their recent angst among each other - this move - BTW, would show sincere effort on the part of the GOI.
    BGG Dr Dave: which HAS TO HAPPEN - what we don't get (and would take a long time to explain) the Sunnis have been very, very marginalized - Maliki's policies have gone a long way to feeding the ISIS ranks.

    Dr Dave: sing Kumbyya...

    BGG Dr Dave: not that I am OK with the sheer ugliness of ISIS - I'm just saying - when the Sunni is out of food and options for a decade, some of the young men will see things wrong.

    Dr Dave: or show up with the super majority to pass the laws

    BGG Dr Dave: this move by Abadi will work (in the long run) - he can combat ISIS on two fronts. The battle front and the ideology - with real options on the right side of the law.

    Dr Dave: what law or laws

    BGG Dr Dave: he'll greatly limit the local attraction (to ISIS).
    BGG Doodle Brain: Comments??

    Dr Dave: still not sure what this national reconciliation means........more committes?

    BGG: What can I tell you?? It's a serious political move to reunite the three splintered people groups in Iraq. It's good news - and it's on their own. No one outside had a thing to do with it. It just might work...
    BGG : and it's what they desperately need - as a country.

    rcookie: got an interesting nightcap...

    BGG rcookie: Yup - share.

    rcookie: Chalabi reveals corruption files to Iraqi politicians and ministers of the most prominent al-Maliki
    Date: 09/21/2015 Palm-A member of the National Alliance and head of the parliamentary finance committee, "Ahmad Chalabi," about a group of well-known names thieves of public money. He said Chalabi on his page in the social networking "facebook" site and I followed, "news agency palm" The first group of thieves Iraq, which has been its files handed over to the Supreme Judicial Integrity Commission concerning Huda Bank, United Bank, North Bank, Middle East Bank and the Bank of Assyria.

    rcookie: And between a member of the National Alliance, the names that were stolen Iraq and public money are both Fadel Al Dabbas and Haitham Al Dabbas real and imaginary and their companies as well as involved fake projects and false invoices Hamad al-Musawi, as well as, the boy and his sister in the Middle East Bank on charges of money and false invoices laundering as well as the donation Tabra Aseel Tabra cousin, Hamid al-Najjar and Tarek al-Hassan and Bahaa al-Araji charges of money laundering and corruption of the central bank as well as the Contractor Essam al-Asadi and his son Haider Essam al-Asadi.

    rcookie: He said Chalabi that Judge Jafar Mohsen al-Khazraji, along with five judges were of the defendants also as well as the official Green Real Estate Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki and his gang Abu witnessed Kazim further indicating that one of the defendants are also former Defense Minister Abdul-Qader al-Obeidi and former Education Minister Mohammad Tamim and inspector general of the Ministry of Health previous Adel Muhsin, revealing at the same time that "the list that has about thieves of public money in Iraq up to 300 name.
    rcookie: It is said that the National Alliance member Ahmad Chalabi revealed a number of stories of corruption led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his son Abu assistant saw officers as well as the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi current.


    rcookie: Chalabi singing like a choirboy!!!

    BGG rcookie: You knew that was coming!!

    jtank: united we stand

    rcookie: Who doesnt have the goods on M and his band of thieves!

    Dr Dave: yes ...understood...heard this many times already.....but HOW?

    BGG: curious to me Baha Araji is at the center of the CBI ML issue.
    BGG: and on the Forbes richest list.

    Dr Dave: Billionaire BBG

    BGG: Great article rcookie... I'm totally using that
    BGG: and thanks for everything...

    rcookie: YVW!!! Great Job BGG!!

    BGG: I'm out for the nite... had to take 1000mg of ibuprofen to stay up this long... I'm headed to a heating pad

    Dr Dave: just no plan yet?

    BGG: thanks for everyone who helped - have a great nite.

    BGG Dr Dave: Fuad talking IS A PLAN.

    THE BLOG - Dinar Daily NEWS Blog -

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