Escape the brother of the Minister of Health to the outside to remove him from suspicions of corruption involved in recently

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: political source said pollen, Monday, that the brother of the Minister of Health Adila Hammoud is preparing to travel to one of the European countries in order to escape from suspicions of corruption recently involved in it.

The source for "Sky Press," that "the brother of the Minister of Health Adila Hammoud morning visited the General Passports Department confidentially to complete his passport in order to go to one of the European countries."

The source, who requested anonymity, that "the Ministry of Health granted him the right to travel at frequent intervals, especially since it has a dispatch open to remove him from the suspicions of corruption in one of the hospitals involved recently."

He complained a number of citizens in the earlier bad behavior of some of the staff in the Ministry of Health who are trying to blackmail them by taking bribes and obstruction of their transactions, calling for regulators to strengthen its role to eradicate corruption in all departments of the Ministry as observers noted that the regulatory performance of the Ministry of Health and joints inspection stopped short of ordering a package of reforms announced by Health Minister Adela Hammoud.

Date Added 09/21/2015 - 21:10