Engineer denies withdrawal from Anbar and the law of the National Guard in its current form against the popular crowd

Baghdad and babysit - denied the deputy chief of the popular crowd Abu Mahdi Mohandes crowd withdrawal of forces battle al-Anbar province.
Eng said the "popular crowd forces did not withdraw from the Anbar fighting and liberate every inch Daash raped by terrorist gangs in Iraq."

The Law on the National Guard engineer said that "the Act in its current form is against the popular crowd."

And about the battle of Nineveh, said the "popular forces, the crowd is a part of the Iraqi armed forces and is under the command of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and we will go with the armed forces to any place ordered by the Commander in Chief."

Some media published the news of the withdrawal of the popular crowd of Anbar PSC / h fighting forces