Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi: no substitute for reforms to proceed is chaos and the return of dictatorship abhorrent

Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi, confirmed that the fight against political quota system, an essential part of the fight against corruption, because the personal loyalty or party leads to provide close to professionals and talented account, and this injustice destroys society will not allow it. The sovereignty in a speech during his attendance on Monday ( honoring the completion of transactions teams ceremony retirement martyrs' families in their homes), that the people may stand for the difficult economic situation, but to Aasber on the existence of smoothing layer and enjoy the privileges and protections. He continued, Mr. Prime Minister: I said from the beginning that the demonstrations are an alarm bell helps us to address the imbalance in our system and political cooperation to address the issue of salaries and protections, and if the government had a responsibility to protect officials from terrorism, this does not mean that there will be armies of protections officials equivalent to three teams, and can not be for one person protection from the 800 or 500 people and the country needs to combat troops defending the homeland and the people, The sovereignty: We are continuing these reforms, justice and equity and the abolition of inequalities, and will not retract even if it cost me my life, because the alternative is chaos and return abhorrent dictatorship that came wars and mass graves and the siege and destruction, the correct action is to modify our political system and fight corruption.
He said, Mr. Chairman Council of Ministers: I as prime minister while I do roam and field visits, do not cut off the roads not used armor, and put my need a measure of the need for officials to protections.
He referred to that we handed students and we are not war students, and this war was imposed on us, and Daash entered our territory from Syria with the support of the other, But the magic turned against the magician, and Daash today threaten the Gulf states, Turkey and Jordan, Atstahedv Shiites only, but the explosion of mosques in Saudi Arabia, and therefore we believe calls for cooperation to address Daash.
Added Mr. Prime Minister: Even some who supported Daash and thought she came to serve them, they discovered the truth, and our troops welcome in Anbar and Salah al-Din, and assure the people of Nineveh, we are coming to free them.
He praised the volunteers to serve the families of the martyrs and the initiative of the completion of their transactions in their homes, because they offer whiter image white for Iraqi youth, and said that the nation which cherishes Bhhdaiha and serve their families, deserve to lift the beacon of freedom , and in particular the martyrs of the popular crowd who seek to testify their feet and Dlon home with money and sacrifice their lives to continue life.
Mr. Prime Minister and the face to carry the initiative to care for the wounded in hospitals and homes of those who deserve care for a longer period, as the face of simplifying the completion of citizens and investors transactions measures, Flo was a simple procedure he would not have the citizen and the investor to pay a bribe to a walk-treated, and that these spoilers are showing resistance to efforts to fight corruption, because they are losing the Grand money they get.

Information Office of the Prime Minister
September 21, 2015