Allawi's office: the leader of the National Coalition was one of the first supporters of the government Abadi -

Confirmed National coalition leader Iyad Allawi's office, that the latter was one of the first supporters of the Government of Haider al-Abadi, saying that the invitation to Allawi to reconsider the executive power came at the right time. Ali Abu Galal, a spokesman for the office / Allawi call regarding re-examine the formation of the executive / It came her time fitting / result of the continuing popular protests demanding rights and realistic reforms that save the Iraqi people from the bitter reality which is going through / and which have not verified anything / did not respond to the executive branch to these legitimate claims / but launched / in the presence of millions package of reforms austerity timid IDP / and control of the forces of terror and extremism on the vast expanses of Iraq / and hundreds of young people seeking to migrate to the unknown / and thousands of innocent detainees / difficult economic situation that Iraq is going through / and the lack of essential services to the people / pointing to the need to start applying the steps through which to achieve national reconciliation.