Deputy for the powers rule out the National Guard to pass the law and is likely to return to the government

[Baghdad - where] MP from the Union of Forces Raad Aldhlki ruled out, pass a law the National Guard during the current stage. He said Aldhlki told all of Iraq [where], "I think that the National Guard will not pass the law and will not initiate this stage, especially given that the dispute be substantial, not marginal any on the origin of the formation of the National Guard." He added: "the most likely re-bill to the" government or to refuse and there will be a national guard. "He continued Aldhlki that" those responsible be directed to the strengthening of the military file in the ministries of defense, interior and work to strengthen the forces and build again.
"He was a member of the Presidium House of Representatives Hamoudi is on the eighth of September of this, withdrew the draft National Common Law of the parliamentary agenda, until a necessary by amendments so as not to overdo security accomplishments of the crowd People and security forces and preserve their rights and be legally acceptable to all, in line with Saleem al-Jubouri Chairman Parliament. According to a parliamentary source.
The Hamoudi stressed on the ninth of September, that the House "will not vote on the draft National Guard law unless kept pace with the size of the victories achieved by the crowd People and security forces and preserves their full rights."
The National Alliance MP Abbas chart, hinted legislation a special law for the sons of the popular crowd to save their rights, explaining to [where], that "the law of the National Guard must do justice to the sons of the popular crowd and if they are not treated fairly we will be forced to legislation of their own law preserves the rights and honors their martyrs as well as the estimated values ​​the sacrifices and efforts" .