Leading role in the party Barzani: Iraq has never been a unified country and the independence of the Kurds

Kamal کrکoکa leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party's political bureau, which is headed by the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, said that "the failure of the federal system in Iraq, which was not a united country never," he said.
He stressed Karagoki in a speech at the Sixth Conference of the Democratic Union Party in the city of Rmelan, Hasaka province, northeast of Syria "should be the people of Kurdistan independent and decide their own destiny." rکoکa He explained that "on our people to get on the right to independence, Western Kurdistan is not far from achieving her dream of getting their rights. "He added," must be parties west of the Kurdish political forces united rows and to support each other, in order to be with the largest force in the fight against Daash "he said." Nkadim full support of the citizens in the north of Kurdistan. "He pointed to" support provided by and provided by the Kurdistan Democratic Party for the struggle of Western Kurdistan, said that "Barzani make unremitting efforts to gather and organize the Kurdish house."
The work of the Sixth Conference of the Democratic Union Party PYD Syrian had begun in the city of Rmelan Western Kurdistan, yesterday morning, and began the conference with a speech co-president of the party Saleh Muslim, during which he said that the opposition and the Syrian government to Aimknhma solve the Syrian problem.
The head of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani said in more than one occasion the pursuit of the Kurdistan region to independence from Iraq and the creation of a Kurdish state as pointed out in his recent visit to Washington last May, that the Iraqi Kurds will hold a referendum on the issue of sovereignty after the success of the ongoing battle against al current Daash.
"and denied the presidency of the region, strongly in September 13 of this attributed to the statements of Barzani of the Kurdistan independence as" impossible "